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At ReRx we provide ourselves in the best in class researchers from the worlds leading institutions bringing a combined 78 years of experience spanning the pharma, therapeutics, and research spaces to deliver our product to market.

Meet Our Team

Meet our talented team of professionals.
Prabha Ibrahim
Chief Executive Officer

Dr. Ibrahim is a seasoned drug development expert with over 30 years of experience in the...

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Anders Naar
Chief Innovation Officer

Dr. Näär is a professor of metabolic biology and vice chair at the Department of Nutritional...

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Justin Lee
Chief Science Officer

Justin is completing his Ph.D. in metabolic biology and received his BA in molecular and...

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With expert backgrounds from leading institutions


Our Advisors

Get to know the experts behind our success

Bethany Chen (Co-founder)
Stanford University
Steve Schow
Stanford University
Andy Tincu
Syneos Health
Michael Tippie
Alignment Ventures
Scott Woodward
Woodward Consultants

About Us

Spun out from UC Berkeley, ReRx is a pre-clinical biopharmaceutical company developing first-in-class therapies to address comorbidities related to servere metabolic diseases, such as obesity, diabetes, liver diseases, and more. Our highly experienced and dedicated team spans decades of experience in academia, industry, and drug development experience and is committed to bringing novel therapeutics to clinic.